Server Management Virtualization IT Security & Education IT audit


Server Administration

We are able to purchase, install and administrate your servers or network components. We offer lower prices for our contracted customers during theirs purchases. Our team will monitor, patch, update, secure and maintain your technology infrastructure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our administrators receives alerts if anything is even slightly suspicious, and they can usually fix any issues before they lead to bigger problems.

This approach exponentially reduces the chances of a system outage and its accompanying downtime.


Server virtualization allows an organization to simplify its own IT infrastructure to create a more dynamic, agile, and flexible datacenter and gives you the tools you need to gain control of your operational costs and the services you deliver to your end-users.

We are at home in many types of virtualization. Vmware vSphere, XEN and KVM on server side. And vmware workstaion/Fusion and Oracle Virtualbox on desktops. We are managing 12 hosts with more than 80 virtual machines at our customers.

IT Security & Education

While we are NETASQ Silver Partners and we have the knowledge to configurate NETASQ and other firewalls, IT Security is not just Firewall configuration.

It is a way of thinking.

Man should consider everything, from network printers trough firewalls to users. The weakest point of an IT infrastructure is the user. So after an IT audit not just the equipments and servers should be corrected. The audit project should be end with educating the users for IT Security.

IT Audit

Instead of doing just penetration tests we follow a more complex method during IT audits.

We do vulerability tests on the whole IT infrastucture of a company. The goal of our tests are to define the extent of compromising authority of certain vulnerabilities. We do not need preshared informations from the clients, because we work like hackers.