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About me

In the recent years I've spent a lot of time and money to develope myself. With the help of this, I've extended my knowledge and I could get new position.
According to my customers, I can state, that I can communicate friedly, simply and without the IT jargon.



vmware vSphere cluster, StormShield Firewall, Veeam backup, IT audit, Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server, GroupWise, Zenworks, Dovecot, Postfix, Samba, Squid, Apple products

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IT Security Audit - Ethical Hacking

Instead of penetration testing, I use a more complex method during the examinations. I search for the vulnerabilities of the whole IT infrastucture, not only the single servers'. The purpose of my examinations is to specify the company effects of the exploitation of the found vulerabilities. Counter to penetration testers I don't need pre-shared informations about the system. I'm thinking with the attacker's head.

Public referencies: Kft., RegioHolding Kft.

Ethical Hacker


As a gold partner, my company distributes and support the Stormshield products in the region of Northern Hungary. Stormshield is the only firewall manufacturer which has EU and NATO certificate, which - unlike other manufacturers - grants a backdoorless products. I got the CSNE certificate from Stormshield (Airbus Group) in 2018.



Quentit MDM

My company is a partner of the Finnish Miradore, that's why I can offer an outstanding solution for the best price in Mobile Device Management across Hungary. Main features:

  • Unlimitied number of managed devices
  • Enforce passcode
  • Restriction rules
  • Lock & Wipe
  • Location tracking
  • Application management
  • File transfer
  • Reports
Thematic site Detailed informations

IT Security Education

Since the weakest link in IT security is the human, the IT audit can't stop at the correction of the found vulnerabilities. It is necesarry to educate employees. Today teenagers are also users. I prepared a lecture for them about the attacks they can get online and about the safe online life.

IT Security Education


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